10 steps to spring clean GMOs out of your diet

April 20, 2012

You may already realize how critical a non-GMO diet is to the health of our planet—if so, good for you! Or you may be new to this issue and just starting to learn about all of the ways that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) threaten our soil, water, animals, insects and ecosystem at large. Either way, here at the Non-GMO Project we want to help you deepen your commitment to a non-GMO future. That’s why we created the Non-GMO Challenge for Earth Month. The Challenge is an action-oriented platform that offers education, inspiration and rewards for choosing non-GMO, whether it’s for one meal or for the entire month. Over the next few days we’ll be sharing some of the ways that Non-GMO Project staff are stepping up for the Non-GMO Challenge. We hope you’ll join us! Read More

10 steps to spring clean GMOs out of your diet

If you are ready to spring clean GMOs out of your diet, here are ten easy steps to help you give GMOs the boot:

1) Kick-out the high GMO risk breakfast cereal
2) Use canola oil wisely
3) Remember that “natural” doesn’t always mean what you think it does
4) Pack a non-GMO lunchbox
5) Give your soy products an overhaul
6) Be skeptical of corn products
7) Look for hidden GMO ingredients
8 ) Satisfy your sweet tooth with non-GMO treats

9) Be proactive
10) Become a GMO risk reduction ninja!

10 steps to spring clean GMOs out of your diet

From Courtney Pineau, Communications Manager:

In our household, spring cleaning is often inspired by those first days of springtime sun when I discover the cobwebs and dust bunnies that have been hiding in the shadows all winter. It’s amazing what a little light can expose. Spring cleaning our diets is the same way–when you look a little closer you often find that your food contains unwanted GMO ingredients. I hope these spring cleaning tips help you find new ways to nourish your family with healthy non-GMO foods.



Thank you for PASSING IT ON to spread the word. Together we can make a change.

Other Resources. “What we do today effects our Future.” Vote Label Food “Non-GMO

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